Ik kom uit Duitsland

Ik kom uit Duitsland

Hello everybody,

I am currently in Holland with my brother (Robbert) and sister (Evelyn) in Christ and their 4 boys. It really feels like a gift to be to be here. I can closely work together with Robbert, as I wished for many months. He is kind of the worker behind the scene. He is very much like me in the sense of thinking. When he expresses something I can follow his thoughts pretty soon and understand what he means.

It is very nice to be able to serve this great family. I learn a lot, also Dutch. Just this morning I have read a Mickey Mouse to Theiss (the oldest son). He corrected my pronunciation. Robbert said that it was understandable yet I still have a strong accent 😅 I hope that will change, yet I guess I will focus more on Danish than Dutch in the next weeks/months. Let’s see when I will be back here and be able to continue my service.

Tomorrow Robbert and I will drive to Thisted. Evelyn and the kids will stay here. I have a great respect for these women, as they do a lot on their own without earning much.

Be very blessed

Write to you soon


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  1. Werner 17. April 2018 at 08 - Reply

    so good hearing from you, Joel!

    Enjoy learning Dutsch and Danish!

    Our Lord is good!

    Greetings Werner

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